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The Tiger Woods situation is an important one, and should be reflected upon by everyone. It’s an issue of commercialism vs. morality. If the marketplace rules over morality then the bar of societal morality gets lowered. And when that happens the consciousness of the society lowers, leading to all sorts of negative consequences. So rather than talking about how well Tiger is handling the situation, we should be focusing on his aberrant behavior and not letting him off the hook so easily. His infidelities were serious, undermining his own family, and the faith and trust his fans put in him. He has betrayed his family and his fans. He showed tremendous immaturity and lack of good judgment. His sponsors should take a good look at this when considering renewing his contracts. They’ve been quick to support him, mainly out of greed, I suspect. His sponsors could care less whether Tiger’s marriage survives: They have one thing in mind–money. And when decisions are made based on money alone, morality takes a beating. And when morality gets beaten down, society is that much less human and insensitive to the welfare of others.
Tiger Woods, in regards to this episode, is our business. And we should not let him sweep all this under the rug without pressure to give us a full explanation and a full accounting as to how he will rectify his “transgressions” and his life. Kids who look up to him need to see how an adult who’s gone astray returns to the fold with honor, honesty, and humility instead of hubris.

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